Some programme details

We’ve just added some details about the speakers and titles to our Programme Page. Topics range from wetlands and woodlands, bog bodies, climate change, early medieval agriculture and urban life.

Ellen O’Carroll’s talk is “Wetlands and woodlands – from Littleton to Lisheen” and, staying with wetland archaeology, Isabella Mulhall will talk about bog bodies in a talk titled “Secrets of the bog revealed – the National Museum of Ireland Bog Bodies Research Project.” Gill Plunkett will discuss “Methodological and conceptual advances in understanding climate impacts on past cultures.” Orla-Peach Power will talk about early medieval agriculture (“A bumper harvest: refining the case for early medieval agriculture in Ireland”) and Eileen Reilly will discuss vermin and other aspects of early urban life “‘Of man, rat, flea and microbe’: New understandings of medieval life from urban environmental archaeology.”

We are also looking forward to welcoming two visiting speakers, Gill Campbell (Head of Environmental Studies at Historic England) and Chris Caseldine (Professor of Quaternary Environmental Change at the University of Exeter).

Interested in attending? Register here.

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